Come to Chau Khuong Hotel with a different perspective

 Come to #CHAU_KHUONG with a different perspective, where the big and small city like Long Xuyen city - An Giang has 1 Chau Khuong designed luxuriously - modern from the room to the warm hall like a house. , every image angle is magical.

The investment and the design both contain a lot of enthusiasm and passion to give to customers as well as the belief that customers have chosen Chau Khuong Hotel for their vacation or business trip in Long Xuyen City.

Besides, Chau Khuong Hotel is always trusted and chosen by customers as a place to send love to the couple. Guests who are far away when they want to hold a wedding in Long Xuyen are really fond of choosing Chau Khuong Hotel to book a restroom for their family. This is a great motivation and pride for our staff to strive every day to bring you the best experience.

Call hotline: 0296 3727 777, book early and directly at the Hotel to get a good price and include a buffet breakfast of Western rustic style, rich in flavor at the 8th floor of Chau Khuong Hotel chill watching the whole sunrise Long Xuyen scene is rustic, simple and peaceful.

Book your room now to get the best price.

📍Địa chỉ: 02 Đường Hà Hoàng Hổ, P. Mỹ Xuyên, TP. Long Xuyên
🪩 Website:
☎️ Hotline:02963 727777
☎️ Tell: 0898 000 439

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