Morning coffee at Chau Khuong Hotel

Morning coffee at Chau Khuong Hotel
Chau Khuong Hotel is located right in front of the main road, at 02 Ha Hoang Ho Street, My Xuyen ward, Long Xuyen City. Right at the intersection of Den 4 Ngon (four the Light intersection) in Long Xuyen, where you can meet your friends for a morning coffee meeting. The ground floor of Chau Khuong Hotel is the floor for everyone to sit and drink coffee and anything else if you want to drink. 

The restaurant has two-site, there're air-conditioned and outdoor spaces. Therefore, those who want to sit and watch the streets watch passers-by sit outside. If you need to find a private site, a light cool of the air conditioner, sit inside. 

In an Italian-style steamer coffee restaurant, everyone can order an espresso, Cappuccino, and Mocha. But make iced coffee and iced milk following Vietnamese style to serve your enjoyment when coming to Chau Khuong restaurant
Try the morning when it is still foggy, cold you can order a cup of hot coffee, add a little fresh milk, or condensed milk, make a sweet taste enough to drink, while the cold is cold with a cup of hot coffee to help your spirit. We are fresher, are chatting over a morning cup of coffee to prepare for a new day, so wonderful. 

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