Planning to explore Long Xuyen City

Planning to explore Long Xuyen City

 How about your next vacation. Do you have an engaging plan for yourself yet if you have or are not planning to explore Long Xuyen City? Please refer to our today's article.  

Long Xuyen city is a first-class city in An Giang, with the Hau river flowing through, providing irrigation, water for irrigation, and domestic water for people. Long Xuyen with new infrastructure, more capital investment, as the capital of An Giang. And Long Xuyen provinces concentrate a lot of quality labor resources to produce and train labor for the Lower Mekong River. Long Xuyen is also a tourist attraction to explore this land. 

Early in the morning, you can go around on the river on the floating market, after visiting My Hoa Hung village. At night, you can walk around the food markets of Long Xuyen. About Long Xuyen today, you can find out more about ecotourism areas they are opening to welcome visitors. For a short time, you can refer to the Long Xuyen tour of Chau Khuong Hotel, with a combo of 3-star hotel rooms, means of transport, sightseeing tickets, and tickets to travel destinations. Make sure you eat well, easy travel, reasonable price.

From Long Xuyen, you can expand to visit more famous places in An Giang, such as Chau Doc, Tri Ton, Cho Moi, or Tan Chau. Everywhere are attractive destinations that almost anyone. They once passed through this land also want to take advantage of the around explore tour. Each locality tells visitors its own story. Therefore, coming to the place to discover the beauty of the countryside, friendly, and enjoy the delicious specialties of the river region. The peaceful village of water makes you love this land more. 

Above are some suggestions on destinations for you to explore Long Xuyen, hope you soon set up a plan to Long Xuyen explore.  

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