Long Xuyen barbecue buffet

Long Xuyen barbecue buffet
Chau Khuong Restaurant is at 2 Ha Hoang Ho street, My Xuyen Ward, Long Xuyen City. They will bring diners deliciously barbecue buffet for you to entertain friends and colleagues.

A group of 50-60 friends could plan to create an evening full of dishes. Everyone was able to eat comfortably with a grilled buffet right in Long Xuyen City. Attractive menu dishes are constantly being up to serve customers as grilled Shrimp, grilled Snails,  grilled squid fresh, etc. It will make your taste buds excited. 

The buffet dinner prepared by Chau Khuong restaurant will include dishes and drinks. The food was diverse diners ate without restriction. Menu according to the available menus that Chau Khuong restaurant is serving. If you want to order according to your requirements, Chau Khuong restaurant is also very willing to set up. The restaurant staff and you will join the discussion to unify the menu, the date of the ceremony, the time of the organization. To be able to serve customers most thoughtfully. 

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Siha Sokheng



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