The Thrill of Tet, Luxurious Party

"The Thrill of Tet, Luxurious Party" 

The restaurant has a very modern space, in the complex of the Hotel - Restaurant - Venus Sky Bar of the Châu Khương Hotel, Located in the heart of the Long Xuyen City, variety menu, with Asian - European cuisine, for customer's opportunity to choose. At the end of the year, this's a time of opportunity to meet the people in the family, friends, co-business person, etc. Chau Khuong Restaurant will take for customers the special parties at that time. Chau Khuong Restaurant received final year parties it has been many set menu for you to choose from it. Please experience ourself life in the luxurious space of the restaurant of Chau Khuong.

"The Thrill of Tet, Luxurious Party." 

Callbook or ask about information: 0898.000.438 - 02963.727.777

Chau Khuong Restaurant, 02 Ha Hoang Ho Street, My Xuyen City, Long Xuyen City, An Giang. 



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