WELCOME Mid-Autumn Festival – YOU HAVE TO ENJOY

Where are you going??? Welcome to the Southwest river region with mountains, melaleuca forests, immense green fields, and beautiful CHAU KHONG HOTEL dressed in modern clothes in the quadrangle area of Long Xuyen - An Giang
Lying in the quadrangle, you have to go in four directions to be la. Chau Khuong Hotel would like to suggest a few places for you for this journey
-> Visit Thoai Son to visit and offer incense to pray for peace at Truc Lam Zen Monastery, then check in at Ba The Mountain, Oc Eo Relic Site, Mong Mo Hill...
-> Long Xuyen market center where traders trade and exchange many goods, buy wholesale and retail, from home gardeners and warm hospitality, from the market turn right, Dinh My Phuoc stops to light up. Peaceful incense stick, cool afternoon passing Nguyen Du lake shore watching Hau river and drinking soy milk eating pia beef, the evening can go to Hoang Dieu bridge embankment to drink a few bottles and enjoy some dishes with family, lovers and friends.
After a day of fun, you will need a comfortable place to rest, please come to CHAU KHUONG HOTEL - promises to bring you a good night's sleep with a soft mattress - a soft pillow and blanket make you feel like in your own home. Inside the hotel room is fully equipped with amenities: brush, toothpaste, makeup remover, razor, mineral water, tea, coffee, bath oil, shampoo, hair conditioner, and hand sanitizer ( you will really be very satisfied with everything here) you just come and rest. Everything else is already taken care of by Chau Khuong Hotel
In the morning, you will experience the feeling of "Dawn, have you woken up - morning coffee with me?" on the 8th floor with a view of Long Xuyen city and fresh air. Besides, you will enjoy a nutritious buffet breakfast according to Chau Khuong's own characteristics with bold flavors of the western homeland: Southern folk cakes, tropical fruits, Long Xuyen broken rice, fish noodles/crab noodle soup/beef noodle soup ……
Prepare your luggage from Chau Khuong Hotel, let's continue to turn left, turn right again
- Turn left on 1 road but 2 destinations: to Chau Doc, visitors from all four directions here can visit the Temples - Zen Monasteries: Ba Chua Xu Temple on Sam Mountain, Phuoc Dien Pagoda ( Hang Pagoda), Kim Tien Pagoda, Dong Lai Zen Monastery (Banh Xeo pagoda) and the Tra Su Melaleuca forest tourist area. Continue on, and you will reach Tri Ton (where the majestic mountains have a heart tree that visitors will not forget to come here to take for themselves beautiful pictures to bring back to keep memories, there is O Thum Lake with dishes. Super strange burning chicken with its own flavor of this land, with Rina's papaya and grilled skewers, Cambodian grilled frog)
- Or choose to Turn right to Saigon / Dong Thap / Can Tho, on the way back, stop at Long Xuyen Crocodile Farm, while fishing for Crocodiles, there is a restaurant inside serving food, also on the way back will stop at the foot of the Bridge Vam Cong check in 1 photo to keep memories
At the end of the trip, say goodbye to Long Xuyen and you will probably say see you again one day soon because of the hospitality of the people here. Heart by heart
CHAU KHUONG HOTEL also gives heart to customers near and far who have read all the articles and love to choose Chau Khuong for vacation or business trips, besides, also spend your precious moments writing good reviews and suggestions for Chau Khuong. develop and serve better day by day
We invite you to check in and experience at Chau Khuong Hotel (via link + phone number) for advice and support to make the best booking.
Chau Khuong HOTEL is always ready to welcome and serve super cute guests at Chau Khuong Hotel.
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