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You are looking for a restaurant to live in to entertain your boss, business partners, colleagues, or party with friends in Long Xuyen City. Without knowing which restaurant is satisfied, please see a few suggestions of the explore section to assist people in finding a restaurant in Long Xuyen. 

Chau Khuong Restaurant is a restaurant in the heart of Long Xuyen City, with an address at 02 Ha Hoang Ho Street, My Xuyen Ward, Long Xuyen City, An Giang. The restaurant's designed very delicately and luxuriously. A place where receptions and parties regularly hold. Thanks to the outstanding advantages that bring customers of Chau Khuong Restaurant. 

The party menu is diverse, full of delicious dishes typical of Vietnamese and regional cuisine where you can call by restaurant menu or party menu.
The price is also easy to choose with many prices for customers to choose from it. Table 10 guests treat at a 3-star restaurant, the price only from 195,000 VND / person. 

Or if you want to organize a seafood buffet dinner for your company, about 80-100 guests, for a party, the restaurant will be ready to set up a separate night for customers. There, you have a cozy night with music and delicious food. Eating and drinking unlimitedly, dishes are continuously up, for 2 hours to 2.5 hours, depending on the situation and the customer need. Ensure a quality dinner night without fear of people eating unfull when leaving, the buffet menu of up to a few dozen dishes. Refer to try a menu that Chau Khuong restaurant has prepared for customers at a party recently. Chau Khuong Restaurant will be a reliable choice for an impressive party for you every occasion needing entertainment. 

To find out more carefully about the time and method of organizing the party, you can contact Chau Khuong Restaurant through the contact numbers below. Chau Khuong Restaurant is always willing to welcome and serve customers. 

Chau Khuong Restaurant is open from 6:30 am to 10 pm on the same day. Serving both guests staying at the Chau Khuong Hotel in the same Chau Khuong building, and also those who are looking for lunch, dinner, breakfast, or coffee. Whenever looking for a restaurant in Long Xuyen, please remember immediately Chau Khuong Restaurant that's a three-star restaurant in Long Xuyen always willing to welcome. 
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