3-Star Restaurant Menu

3-star restaurant menu
Providing customers with many choices, attractive dishes according to 3-star standards, selected meals with many characteristics of the Southwestern region. That's one of the advantages that Chau Khuong restaurant wants to serve its customers.

Located in the heart of Long Xuyen city, where customers can search the name of the restaurant Chau Khuong on the Google search engine, you can immediately find much restaurant-related information. On Google Map, the restaurant also has an address locator to help visitors find the way more easily. Chau Khuong Restaurant has located on the main street No. 02 Ha Hoang Ho, My Xuyen Ward, Long Xuyen City, An Giang. 

Chau Khuong restaurant is open from 6:30 am to 10 pm. Serving dishes from buffet to office lunch, a-la-carte according to the menu, etc. The restaurant also serves coffee, juices, cocktails, etc. The restaurant's menu includes both European and Asian dishes. Diners are unlimited for choice according to their preferences. Those who love local cuisine can research the restaurant's specialty menu. 
The restaurant accepts group lunch orders for travel companies have the opportunity to go through Long Xuyen. And need a stop for lunch and rest, Chau Khuong restaurant will be a point a memorable stop on your partner's journey.  Because of attractive food, kind staff, attentive service. Chau Khuong restaurant is very interested in both the taste and look beautiful meals of the customer, so it will be a landmark for the travel packages when combined with Chau Khuong restaurant. 
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