Beautiful hotel in Long Xuyen


Beautiful hotel in Long Xuyen

When listening to Long Xuyen, we will immediately think of a brilliant hero President Ton Duc Thang, the talented son of My Hoa Hung Village, Long Xuyen city.

Today, Long Xuyen has become a first-class urban city, so the infrastructure is being expanded, spacious, with the attention of all classes, departments, businesses, etc. To work together to build the Long Xuyen city, more and more with day by day, helping to mark more tourists near and far. 

When having the opportunity to go back to Long Xuyen, you want a beautiful hotel to stay, visit Chau Khuong Hotel. Chau Khuong Hotel will not betray the trust of customers. That is one of the hotels with a beautiful location, convenient for transportation; to design rooms newly modern equipment, with international three-star service quality, It will promise customers a "Feel the Fantasy."

To become one of the customer's choices, Chau Khuong attaches great importance to brand identity, which is consulted and designed with a team of professional stories to create a Chau Khuong like today: beautiful, luxurious, and level. Chau Khuong has scored fast with customers in the first days of its operation. Chau Khuong Hotel is on the top of the beautiful hotels in Long Xuyen

Below are some beautiful pictures of the hotel,



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