Family Hotel

Family Hotel

Weekends or special occasions of families go on relaxing trips to relieve the Life pressure and create family cohesion. The trip will be interested when the members experience it together. 


Back to An Giang on summer days, an opportunity for families to fly kites together and eat together. Explore interesting places in this seven mountain land. Starting the An Giang trip, maybe people will stop by for a night in Long Xuyen city, or before finishing the family trip, go back to An Giang, or stop by Long Xuyen for a walk on the Hau river. Gentle, visit Lao Ong Ho island, visit Uncle Ton temple, walk around at night. Where funny stories have kept said all that trip. 


We stay with our family in a luxuriously comfortable space. Watching TV together before going to sleeping, and watch the dawn of tomorrow. The activities together will make our family more enjoyable. Chau Khuong Hotel can create such memorable things with you when Chau Khuong's family room is luxuriously furnished. It has a living room, a large bathtub, and a large balcony for everyone to relax together.


With such amenities, it is very suitable for groups with many people. Especially suit for a family, there are several generations to live together. Some beautiful pictures of the family Hotel that Chau Khuong Hotel gives you.

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